Installing a brand new antenna on your house

The installation of a television antenna is a pretty simple process which can be done without any professional help. To get a good view of your television and better quality of your pictures and the sound, an antenna is highly required. Bad receptions can get in the way of your entertaining time. When you have the desire to have a good entertainment session and your reception time is poor, it interferes substantially with your planned experience.

With the change from analogue to digital television good antenna reception is more than just a requirement, it is a necessity. Reception problems come in different forms. The antenna can either be damaged, the installation may be faulty, or there may be items or objects that may be obstructing the signal from the antenna.

You have to learn more about your locale. Check the type of houses around and how the antennas have been placed. While it may be easy to install antennas in flat areas, it is tedious, and more work is required to install antennas in mountainous areas. Areas with deep valleys can also prove to be quite hectic when it comes to installing an antenna.


Where to place it

An antenna may either be placed outside or indoors depending on the preference of the user. Most digital signals are being transmitted through the VHF and UHF frequencies. Indoor installation is less preferred as compared to outdoor installation. The antenna should be placed as high as possible so as to be sure that it will get good reception. Indoor installation is not quite advisable since the reception may not be as good due to lots of obstacles in the antenna ways of reception.

Mounting the antenna

fixing the antenna to the roof

When buying an antenna, you should inquire whether it comes with a mount. If the antenna package does not include one, you could as well purchase it so as to mount the antenna on it. This mount is created to be adjustable to any length or mass that you would like to get it fixed at.

Before mounting the antenna, it is also good to first confirm if the reception in the area is good. You should also confirm on which side of the area can you attach your antenna to, so as to get the best reception signals.

While mounting the antenna ensures you follow the instructions given since different antennas are installed in various antennas have different ways of installation so as to function appropriately. Release the clamp and bolt it on the clamp so as place it along the diameter and bolt it back in place after sliding it to the appropriate position. The antenna is designed in that after installation it can be rotated the pole to get the best position while searching for a good signal.


All antennas require a little bit of wiring for it to function appropriately. The cable should be integrated into the system, and it should then be connected to the antenna and directly to the television. A preamplifier will be recommended in cases in which the cable connecting the antenna and the television is more than 100 ft. in length. This device is used to enhance the strength, and it also strengthens the weaker signals.