This past weekend, I decided to go check out the Tangier Korean BBQ  Of  Tokyo in Los Feliz. As soon as you walk in you know you’re about to be in for a great time.  We are immediately welcomed by the not only the host, but also by a life size robots straight out of some Japanese anime.  The vibe in the place is upbeat, fun and the service is A+.

We decided to go with the all you can eat BBQ.  It includes a bottle of hot Sake and your choices of chicken, Harami beef, Kalbi beef , Pork and mixed veggies.  On the side you get mash potatoes, cucumbers, kimchi, sesame sauce and soy sauce. There’s also Sushi on the menu as well.

The food was well beyond what we expected, this is definitely a place that we’ll be going back to very soon…


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